The popularity of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, is increasing dramatically in the West as people discover what extraordinary changes it can make in their lives. It can also increase sales, productivity and harmony in the workplace.

Feng Shui is founded on three basic principles:

  • All things in our physical world are filled with living energy call Ch'i. 
  • All things are interconnected by Ch'i. We share a relationship with everybody and everything in the physical world
  • The Ch'i in all things is constantly changing. We witness change every day in our bodies, our states of mind, our families and in nature

​​These Feng Shui principles view the world as completely alive, interconnected and dynamic. In our everyday Western world, we can use these principles to create the most advantageous and harmonious living and working conditions. Whether you want to relax in comfort at home, or work in an invigorating and empowering office, Feng Shui can help you set up environments that ideally serve your needs.

This is an interesting subject that fits in with buying and selling real estate as well as creating your own personal paradise where comfort and safety rule, cherished possessions abound and change flows freely in support of your self-expression and happiness.

Wishing you wealth good health and happiness!

This is the first of a series of articles on Feng Shui. These will be posted on my real estate blog at www.junerodgers/blog